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    Jasmine D

    What happened to ...

    What happened to the staff at this hospital?? :( if i could go through all the pain i went through again, i would without question... just to get the care that i and my unborn baby deserved and needed tremendously.. :( i was neglected.. :( and very much alone!! :( i felt like i was a huge bother to her!!... i believe that the same person was there when i miscarried in october a year and a half before... she made me feel very annoying to her... that time though i did not have her the whole time! So it was good because the few nurses before her took care of me and helped me feel okay before the miscarriage happened... i dont know what to do or how to put this out of my head... i wish i woulda screamed for help cause i really needed someone to help. :( i wish dr jeffereys was there and diane for sure. Cause i know they wouldnt have let this happen!! :( if there is anyone that reads these messages may i please have the name of who i need to talk to. Because this person should not get away with this. And i so so do not want anyone else to be treated this way. :(((( ever!!!

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