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    Try to sign up to order online but wouldn't accept my number. It kept saying number invalid. When I called to try and place my order. the manager was very rude, was not listening to what I was explaining. He kept telling me to keep trying after I tried 10 times before I called. So instead of taking my order through the phone, he tells me to keep trying to sign up online. So I gave up and order pizza from somewhere else. Horrible customer service.

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    Never did i think ordering a pizza would be so hard last night gave the girl my phone number and you'd think since ive order from you guys before the info would come up .. Nope trying to give her my address not once but three times then her saying what city are u calling from i said uhh the im calling from medicine hat i did call the medicine hat number ... then i said nevermind im ordering from somewhere eles i will never never order from u guys again

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    MrUgo D

    yuck its it reall...

    yuck its it really sucks

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