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    In response to "a...

    In response to "aconcerneduser"... We at Backbones Chiropractic and Sports Therapy value each and everyone of our patients!! Your experince at our clinic is very unfortunate. Our massage therapists at the clinic do have a cancellation policy in affect that is very reasonable. We value our patients time, as we value our therapists time, with that said we try and limit the amount of last minute cancellations. Our patients must cancel there massage within 3 hours of their massage time or there is a minimal charge applied. We do try and accommodate our patients as best as we can and we understand that unexpected situations do pop up. For this reason our cancellation policy is very reasonable and we try and work with our patients as much as possible. With regards to the rest of your concerns it is very disheartening and surprising to me that you experinced this. As the owner and the manager this situation was NOT brought to my attention!! I value our patients needs, concerns and well being. I would be more than happy to discuss your experience with you and try and rectify the situation. Please fell free to contact the office at any time!

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    The massages give...

    The massages given were fine, however the worst customer service I have ever recieved. Rude when answering the phone and act as if your business does not matter to them. After cancelling an appointment in advance over the phone, I was given appalling treatment and had to speak to the manager with regarfs to the words that were spoken to me. Do not go here if you plan on having a relaxing and well treated massage appointment.

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