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    Long time customer and have passed on their info to many clients over the past 14 years. Dale and his team are great at trouble shooting and finding solutions to even the most complex plumbing issues

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    Cheryl N

    I have used Plumb...

    I have used Plumb Boss several times, both for myself and for my clients. We have always had fast, efficient service with very knowledgeable and courteous staff. I will definitely use their services for any other plumbing or gas-fitting job!

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    Never showed up.

    Had plumbing issues that caused water to backup into our basement. I was referred to these guys through an organization that has used them before. Called them and left a message, didn't get a response or call back. Called them again, talked to a guy on the phone he was very polite and apologized for missing the message and said that he could send someone the following day. I got a call midway through the day that someone was on their way to my house, so I left work to meet them at my house. Waited at my house, but nobody showed up. Gave them a call and they said the person they sent out was using their iPhone and ended up in the west end... My address is in Sherwood Park... Said they'd send someone out the following day. Never heard from them again, called and left a message asking if there was anything I could do to make it easier for them to make it out. Their corporate client has a location close to my house, so I assumed they'd know how to find it. I never lost it on them or acted rude. I didn't rush them to come out. Honestly just surprised. I wouldn't even be upset if they had told me they couldn't make it out, or couldn't help me. Maybe even if they referred me to someone else in the business. I'm not trying to slander their business, I'm just pretty shocked about how this whole situation played out. Ended up having to call someone else, there were repairs needed.

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    Réponse d'entreprise 17 septembre 2014

    This was one of the reasons for us converting from the paper format we were using to computer with each technician having there own tablet. Unfortunately this incident happened while we were transitioning into the new system. I wish I could say that this was the only hiccup we had with the conversion to mobile tablets however, we did experience a few other problems along the way. Now after several months of transition & training we have our new scheduling system well in place. We are now using state of the art computers, tablets & software that will eliminate any types of issues like this in the future. I know this doesn't justify us somehow missing your call entirely, but mistakes do happen. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you & can only ensure you that this would not happen again. We do value your business. Kindest Regards

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