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  • Nourriture pour animaux de compagnie,
115-27 Clearview Market Way, Red Deer AB T4P 0M9
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    The staff is amazing as they are extremely knowledgeable and friendly. After shopping here, I do not buy my dog food or dog treats anywhere else. If they do not have the answer to your questions, they will refer you to someone more knowledgeable or will look it up for you. They truly care about the well-being of my dogs and know them by name. Pet Planet is about the most personal a pet store can be as they keep track of what you buy, ask you how you and your pet are doing. Please do not believe the nasty comment but instead check Pet Planet out for yourself and then decide. Keep up the good work!

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    Best pet place in Re

    Best pet place in Red Deer, staff is amazing!! Prices are great and I love the fact that they only carry products that are the highest quality.

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    Knowledgable and friendly!

    Staff are very helpful and caring! Great information! This is my new pet store. Superior customer service. I will not shop anywhere else. Thank you, Pet Planet staff! :)

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    Terrible customer service, terrible everything

    I recently went to Pet Planet at the Clearview location in Red Deer, first of all I walked in and with 2 staff members in the building not one greeted me or after being in there for 10 minutes didn't even acknowledge me if I needed help finding anything. I was searching for Acana cat food and couldn't find the brand my cat enjoys. I have been throughout Red Deer and couldn't find the grasslands make so Pet Planet was my next stop. The Grasslands wasn't on the shelf so without being asked if I needed help I asked a member if they had any and right away I was snapped at and interrogated if I was a loyal customer. My first time in this place and just the coldest service I have ever recieved anywhere. She continued to interrogate me claiming that people are buying out Acana products...isn't that the point, so I can feed my cat? I am a customer, a consumer putting money into your business a whole 60$ for 7kg of cat food. Pet Planet is running an elitist club and I did sign up but she told me if I purchased this bag I have to continue visiting their store and purchasing from them...yeah with services like that I will never step a foot in this elitist place again. I advise from staying away from the Red Deer location as this service is just disgusting. COLD, RUDE, ELITIST, just TERRIBLE in all forms. You're not the only pet store in Red Deer you know. I will never recommend you to anyone and hopefully you learn to treat customers with respect.

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