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971 Ordze Rd, Sherwood Park AB T8A 4L7

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Janine and Ian Sprague are parrot people. They own eight birds – including several parrots – from red macaws to African greys. One of those birds, Meika, played the role of co-founder for Meika’s Bird House. African greys like Meika are about as intelligent as five year-old children. “Not only do they talk,” says Ian, “but they talk in context. If he wants water, he’ll ask for water.” This intelligence means that the birds need a lot of mental stimulation from activities and toys. Ian and Janine were having problems finding adequate products for Meika’s curiosity, so they decided to start Meika’s Bird House in 2011.

The business is now a paradise for birds and bird lovers alike. Walking down the aisles, you’ll come across feeders, cages, toys, carriers, play centres and more. The store also offers bird-sitting for owners who need to leave their pets for a trip or business. “We take finches to falcons,” Ian says.

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    Nice shop

    This is a great little store for owners of parrots and finches and for birders. They sell a good variety of high-quality parrot food and seeds, along with bird cages, cage accessories (perches, nests, dishes, etc.), parrot playstands and parrot toys. There is also a nice selection of wild bird feeders, nest boxes and food, along with books on wildlife and pet birds. The owners are also very nice and helpful as well.

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