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  • Service: 5/5
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The worst and most ridiculous customer service experience i ever had from a car dealer. Please never ever go here. They lied to me that a huge crack in my windshield was because they actually were driving the car through hot wash and then brought it out in cold and it cracked and just dumped the whole thing on me . They actually say even of some one breaks your car which you parked there for service... you are fully responsible for everything. Disgusting!

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Great place to do business

I love this car dealer! I purchased a Ford Explorer form Robert recently which is my third purchase from him. I would like to say it was easy experience and a lot of effort on his part greeting me into the vehicle that I wanted. I never did feel pressured but always made it comfortable. I believe Sherwood Honda and Robert helped me hugely as there was some road blocks in the process. Robert always was easy to get a hold of and provided excellent service which will keep me coming back to your dealership. If I need a vehicle in the future I’m going to Sherwood Honda and Robert. It is my opinion that Robert should be commended for going above and beyond. The service area has also just been amazing to work with in all my vehicle purchases. Keep up the great work and you will have all the customers you can handle.

Service: 5/5
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First time buyer

If your a first time buyer I don't suggest Sherwood Honda they are full of empty promises. We bought our vehicle there in August 2011 when we walked out we thought we had got a good deal. They told us the scratches on the vehicle would be fixed and after when it was time to bring the vehicle in to fix the scratches we couldn't get a hold of our salesmen. We also put a deposit on the vehicle that we later realized was not taking off the price of the vehicle. They sold us a warranty that we did not need and charged us a $1500.00 documentation fee. When it was all said an done are vehicle was listed just under 20,000 we walked out paying 27,000 because of fees. When we went to trade our vehicle in 3 different sales men couldn't believe the amount of fees pilled on to our purchase. Sherwood Honda took advantage of us because we were first time buyers not very professional.

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"Sher-wood" Do It Again!!

Had a great experience with everyone at Sherwood Honda. Was treated with respect and patience unlike a lot of stores that just use pressure tactics and don't let you leave until you buy. They were professional and gave me all the info I needed to make my buying decision. I came back the next day and bought my new Honda Civic and left in it later that afternoon. All the staff was friendly and even met the service people and given a tour of the facility. I highly recommend Sherwood Honda to anyone looking to buy a new or used Honda. Thank you guys!!! A++

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