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102-23 Akins Dr, St. Albert AB T8N 3B3
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In 1907, Maria Montessori developed an educational program to help the orphaned and poor children in her care. The children flourished under her guidance. Her ideas were quickly adopted worldwide and became a highly sought-after academic program with a focus on independence and respect for children's interests. In St. Albert, Global Child Montessori follows those same educational principles at its location in Akinsdale.

The family-run organization moved to St. Albert in 2010 after years of operating out of Sturgeon Heights School. Gloria Dryhorub took over the school in 2005 and puts her decades of experience to work every day. “I taught in Edmonton for 34 years. When I retired from teaching, this preschool needed a new director,” says Gloria. “I thought I had the qualifications and purchased it. I hired my daughter as a teacher and brought my grandsons in as students.” In addition to her daughter being the main teacher, Gloria’s sister-in-law and husband help out too.

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    The best school any child would ever go to. My son has learned so much from Global Child Montessori, the staff is amazing , the program is outstanding and the facility feels like home . My son enjoyed every minute being at this school. If you are looking for an excellent school (academically and socially) this is definitely the top number one choice , this is the best decision I’ve made . I definitely recommend this school that has very highly professional teachers . Thank you for everything

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    As a retired Montessori trained teacher, I can honestly attest that this is truly THE ONLY Montessori program in St. Albert. We had visited another Montessori school in St. Albert and were very disappointed to see that it was staged well, but the children were not using the materials appropriately, if at all. Global child challenges my grandchildren in a fun and loving way. My 4 year old grandson is reading phonetic books, and we are all amazed at the things he is learning! Love this place!

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    My second child is halfway though her first year here and loves it just as much as her older sibling did! I really appreciate the calm atmosphere of the school as it doesn’t overwhelm my shy child. As well it is amazing how much they learn in such a short time. Everything from phonics and organizational skills to social skills and manners. Lovely teachers too!

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    This is a wonderful school

    I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to you and your wonderful staff, Gloria. During the difficult time we recently encountered, you were all most helpful and supportive. You immediately returned our cheques to us when our financial circumstances made it necessary for us to move. Our child made such huge advances while he was with you. If we were still living in St. Albert, he would definitely be registered in your school. I can't believe all the things he was learning! He was so shy, but you encouraged his confidence. Thank you for all you have done for us.

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    Great School!

    We started out at another Montessori program (in our area) for our first child. Our second child was enrolled in the Global Child Montessori program this year. We are so much happier here. The staff are always so cheerful and friendly. There are 4-5 staff members in attendance at all times and the class sizes are much smaller than at the other Montessori. The staff are easy to talk to and are always willing to help with any questions or concerns that I may be having about my child. My son is ALWAYS excited to go to school, he learns so much - its amazing. I'm so glad I found Global Child Montessori!

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    Great school!

    My child loves her time at Global Child Montessori. We find the staff to be very helpful, caring and interactive. I always feel i can talk to the teachers, and have great confidence in their learning program! I would recommend this school to anyone who is looking for a place for their child(children)!

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    Thank you

    Thanks again for being so good to my daughter. She is really enjoying her time at Global Child Montessori thanks to you and your wonderful staff.

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    Scary, horrible place

    Very unfriendly staff, Unnecessary punishments for kids, Kids are not allowed to talk and move around freely, too many dry rules, kids are not allowed to interact with other kids freely (like children would do). Example: My kid got "the naughty chair" (many times) for moving his feet around during circle time, he also got "the naughty chair" for touching a toy (educational toy) with his feet. The teacher complained to me in front of my kid saying he doesn't understand me when I tell him "how would you feel If I come to your house and break all your toys" (which terrified my kid and made him cry because he thought the teachers threat was real and she was going to come and break his toys). She kept repeating her comment not even paying attention to my son's frustration and teary eyes. My son is only three years old. They have no Idea on how to teach kids any thing about social interaction. They use the name "education" as a tool to make money and control kids in a very old fashion negative way. My kid is out if that school and he is a very happy boy in his new school. I do not suggest Global Child Montessori to my worst enemy.

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    Réponse d'entreprise 6 juillet 2011

    I sincerely regret my earlier post responding to this review. We were both highly emotional at the time, and I wish I had taken the time to cool down before responding. We all love our children above all else, and you were hurt when we were critical about your beautiful, intelligent child's behavior at school. I was upset, feeling that my school and my staff had been personally attacked. I sincerely hope that the new school has been a positive experience for him, and both you and he are very happy there. This review did cause me to think long and hard about what was happening. As a result I did let one assistant go, and things have been running much more smoothly since. I thank you for your feedback. Gloria.

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