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    Worst horseback r...

    Worst horseback riding experience in decades. Nice selection of horses, but extremely poor and mismannered trainers and owner.

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    This is the place...

    This is the place to show people how to respect animal beings. Our family has been here since last Oct and learnt a lot. We love you the master of horses.

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    5 Stars!!! Highly recommended! Awesome facility!

    Our experience at Horse Sence Zoo was awesome!! We had a birthday party there earlier in the year that was so much fun. Party consisted of a tour, pony rides, and goat races - too funny! The volunteers were very friendly, and the kids absolutely loved our party leader Krystal! We learned so much during the tour (who knew that emus can rip metal wire fences?!), and she paid attention to all of the less-brave kids. Special attention was given to one child who was scared out of her mind, clinging to her side! Within twenty minutes of the tour, Krystal had the kid feeding and petting all of the animals. Sonya, the owner, is very nice and informative. Amazing that she runs such a large business!!! She struck us as a very strong and independent woman. We have great admiration for her! The barn was very tidy and organized, and the animals were well-behaved and healthy!! I would recommend Horse Sense to ANY parent who wants to find a family-oriented, fun, and safe place for their children. Did I mention they run a therapeutic riding program? Beautiful to watch!

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    great loaction and services

    I took my equine studies with paul kane highschool and also volunteered with little bits at horse Sense and absolutely loved it! the facilities, horses and Sonya are great, and it doesn't hurt that it is a short drive. I would suggest horse sense to beginner or advance, or to someone who wants to come and see their petting zoo.

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    Not Recommended

    In my opinion the only good thing about this place is the location. Its located just minutes away from St. Albert. However, the trainer is not very friendly or nice to the visitors. She is very direct and has made riders cry. The lesson prices are extremely high compared to all the other stables near by. I would highly recommend checking out other stables near by. Again, in my opinion the farther drive is worth it in the long run.

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