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Before 1994, there weren't a lot of options for single parents shopping for their children. While looking through consignment shops to find clothing for her son, Almut Englberger felt she could improve on what those stores were doing. Time has proven her correct with her consignment store, Just Kids, which she opened in August of 1994.

“That’s what got me started; the thought that I could do it better,” Almut says. “Finding the right space was a challenge. In the beginning, I started with a smaller store, which made it hard to carry all the stock I needed. After we moved to our new store, where we are still located, I found it much easier to run the business.”

As a children’s consignment store, Just Kids features everything you'll need for infants through to 16 year-olds. Whether it's clothing, toys, books, games, DVDs or shoes, all items are sold on a consignment basis. Almut also carries a selection of casual women's wear in a range of different styles and sizes.

Having been in the business since the '90s, she has a keen eye for popular items and reusable second-hand clothing. “When an item is sold, the person who brought the item in gets 40% of the selling price,” Almut says.

“Here’s how it works,” Almut says. “Bring in your stuff and I will look through it for high-quality, great condition and up-to-date items that fit what we carry. The items will stay in the shop for three to four months, but after that I will give you the choice to take it back or donate it to a charity.”

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