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  • Service: 5/5
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always a very good job

always a good job for my entire family.

Service: 5/5
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Great Sytlist

My experience at Reflection was amazing , The owner says hi to everyone and offers tea and coffee to all the customers, She always has a smile. I asked for a chocolate brown color and it came out rich and beautiful, I returned back for touch ups and was always happy with the results.. They have a great team of stylist and i enjoy my visit every time.

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Fantastic & Exceptional

Fantastic & exceptional was the experience I had at Reflection Hair Salon. Everyone at the salon made me feel right at home from the greeting as I walked in & throughout the time I was there. They took the time to get to know me & WOW is all I can say with the style I left with. Will I be back absolutely!!!!

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Never Again

I had a terrible experience at Reflection Hair Salon. I had the owner of the salon do my hair. I told her I wanted my roots done the same color as the rest of my blonde hair, as well as a haircut. Instead of matching my roots to my blonde hair she died all my hair white. She continued to go on about how "nice" it looked, so being a bit in shock I paid and I left. After I came to my senses I went back and explained to her politely that this is not what I asked for. She then said she would try to fix it. She toned my hair, and it was now white and grey. She asked me what I thought. I said it looked the same. She told me to come back in a couple days and she would maybe put some low lights in it. (How are low lights going to help my white and grey hair?) Very upset about my hair I returned the next day and explained to her that if she was going to fix my hair she would have to dye it and then highlight it. (That’s what it looked like before) I said that it may be more convenient for her to just give me a refund. I explained it would probably cost her more money and time if she were to fix my hair. She was horrified. She said that I am the only person to ever ask for a refund. She angrily struts over to the cash register and told me that she has no cash in there come back and pick it up tomorrow. She then said she does not feel comfortable ever doing my hair again. I then went back the next day to pick up my refund. She was with another client when I walked in she glared at me. She angrily gave me my money in an envelope and smirked I hope you enjoy your free color. I said, “Do you want to talk about this?” She yelled, “No I want you to leave now!!! Get out!” I said, “You dyed my hair white then grey.” She yelled, “Get out!” Opened the door and was forcing me out with a continuous, “Leave now get out! Don't come back.” I have never asked for a refund before anywhere, but you couldn't pay me to go back to that place.

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