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As soon as you drive into the yard at City Life Farms, you are immediately greeted by the hustle and bustle of life. The cows look over in their lazy way as they flick their tails and chew on their food, while fluffy, yellow chicks – only days old – chirp and stumble over each other in their big new world. In the distance you hear some spotted pigs grunt and snort noisily as they fill their bellies with slop, gulping it down as quickly as possible. Even the stubborn little donkey who lives beside a pack of lively alpaca, sheep and goats comes to investigate as new visitors pull up in the driveway.

A farm busy and full of life - just how Brian and Jennifer Mendieta, owners and farmers of City Life Farms, had envisioned their new lives. Following a dream to give up city life and embrace a culture of homesteading and self-sufficiency, the couple built their agri-business in 2014 on the ideals of sustainability, healthy-living and respect for livestock.

“We do it because we love it.” says Jennifer. “We love the animals, we love that our kids will grow up respecting the circle of life – family is a huge part of this and we love that our children know the lifestyle now.”

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