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    Great product, Great service!

    Have been dealing with ABC for my last 3 home purchases.

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    No Customer Service

    In the beginning the Sales staff were friendly and not pushy; and the pricing was reasonable. When we went to pick up our purchase, the owner mentioned she "doesn't usually sell trees that haven't gone into leaf" but she assured us it was fine. We planted it according to her directions and finished the rest of our projects (retaining wall, pavers, decorative rocks, planters, etc). After 2 months the tree hadn't made any progress and the buds had turned brown. We stopped by to talk to the owner about what was wrong and she admitted that they were having problems with that particular tree and would replace it for something similar on the lot. I originally chose the tree based on the positioning of the branches. I couldn't find anything that had the same appeal as the original so I asked for a refund. She explained that they don't have warranties and are "doing us a favor" by replacing the dead tree at no cost. So we could choose a new tree or take store credit (we already had the yard done, there was nothing left to purchase). Their receipt says "All stock is guaranteed... in good condition". I strongly disagree that they were "doing us a favor". They sold us poor product. There was no apology or consideration given that we had to rearrange our schedule to pick up the new tree before they went on holidays. We had to rip up our front yard to get the dead tree out and then replant a new one, that I don't even like. We work in the construction business and will make sure that our clients shop elsewhere.

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