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    uncommunicative and poor cleaning job

    We got 2 furnaces and 2 dryer vents cleaned for a total of $761.00. The dryer vents were charged at $89 each.(ouch) 3 heat runs were missed. Our supply ducts on the large furnace are 24 feet long and the air agitator used was 15 feet long, not long enough to reach the end of the duct. I watched the guy in the furnace room do his thing while asking polite questions about what was happening. He did not enjoy explaining anything at all. I am a journeyman tinsmith so I assume my questions were pertinent but I felt I was a bother to the fellow in the furnace room. He did not isolate the supply and return air ducts when he was using his power vacuum so there was a lot of residual dust left in the system. I removed the return air grilles and found the duct was still dirty. I was unimpressed with the job and the lack of explanation offered. The whole thing took 2 1/2 hours from arrival till departure. Perhaps the guy in the furnace room had a bad day but I'm sure he could have done a better job given proper equipment, a little more time spent and a better attitude.

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    Réponse du marchand 20 septembre 2013

    Thanks so much for taking time to write. Your feedback is VERY important. My apologies & remember there is a 30 day warranty on our work. I will bring up your comments in our next biz meeting & discuss with the technician. Again, we appreciate your time. sincerely, Mark of CARSON POW-R-VAC LTD www.cpv.ca

    Poor, RUDE customer service

    Cleaning of furnace/ducts. Did not go to furnace area after cleaning. Discovered two days after servicing ( we were not home for these days) that our furnace was not working, went to furnace room to investigate. Found the furnace front cover leaning against unit, with two screws lying on the floor. Numerous attempts to contact company, finally reached the OWNER, who came to my home within the hour. Interior temperature of home 16 degrees. Rude and condescending immediately upon entering my home and upon entering the furnace area started yelling at me " who took this apart- we can't be liable for this!! He then pushed a button and the furnace started working again- he looks at me like I was an idiot for not doing that and I felt like he was annoyed for coming out and turning my furnace back on. I asked him to put the furnace cover back on and he refused stating he did not have time for this and that he was helping me!! He lectured me that his people always make sure the unit is in working order before they leave. They also put the dirty furnace filter back in- companies I have used in the past at least put a cheap one in ( at least it is clean). When my husband came home, I told him the story and he tried to contact the owner to discuss how he treated me and handled the entire situation. None of our calls were answered. This is how the OWNER handles after care service ( after I just spent $520)!! HORRIBLE, RUDE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

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    Réponse du marchand 2 décembre 2011

    Thank you for your feedback. At Carson Pow-R-Vac we pride ourselves in professionalism & integrity with the accent on customer service. Protection of our clients privacy is also paramount so I am unable to mention clients confidential info here. However, I did personally call you @ your home to offer an apology & a discount to you (left message). I then contacted you on cell & asked if you had a few minutes. You said No & you offered your husbands cell. I also called him & left him a similar message. sincerely, Mark carson Accounts Manager

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