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    Lucky L

    If they clean their client clothes like they Clean around their Wellington location, you will be severely disappointed. Regular lint and trash in the back lane and they don't clean up around their building. They have a pigeon problem and I have witnessed their employees littering everywhere. I've been here for almost 5 years and have repeatedly complained, they would clean for a bit but they never keep up with it...

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    Carlita S

    I took in my brid...

    I took in my bridesmaid dress here and they actually lost it. Or at least claimed to have lost it so I never got it returned to me. I think this is entirely unacceptable. I appreciate that they offered to reimburse me but it doesn't take away from the fact that they lost my bridesmaid dress.

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    I don't use them anymore

    I've used perths thrice, each times for my vintage hudson's bay coat (wool with a fur rim around the hood). The first time was ok; it seemed to have been cleaned pretty well when I got it back, it only took a week, and they only charged me onc eit had returned. the second time they insisted on charging me beforehand and it took two weeks and they forgot to call me, I had to call them. Still, the coat was clean, so I let it slide. The third time I gave it to them I came back in three weeks, they had it and it looked as though it hadn't been cleaned at all! I had also asked for stain removal on one of the sleeves and that had definitely not happened. the lady who tried to give it back to me was apaulled when I opened the bag in front of her beofre leaving the store and showed her what my coat looked like. She sent it back right away, but didn't apologise, although she was clearly wuite upset on my behalf. There was no discount or any kind of courtesy coupon given or any kind or reperations were made.

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