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    Luna I

    Chafic was excellent to work with .

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    Nolan Bugnet L

    1 review 1.0 sta...

    1 review 1.0 star rating 4/10/2016 OMG DO NOT GO HERE...I went in on Saturday because they were "offering" this great rebate deal. I Picked out a truck and gave them the go ahead to process. After a few days of no progress I went into the dealership to cancel the deal and get my deposit back. The salesman I dealt with named Dario came out and said "what are you doing the deal is good I have your approval approved from the bank already". I confirmed that the approval was everything I wanted and

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    nonoy t

    "All in One shop!...

    "All in One shop!" Traded our journey to a new jeep cherokee. The staff was amazing. They conduct business in a professional manner and at the same time very friendly. Very knowledgable in what they do. They offer packages that are really cost effective and to your advantage unlike the last dealer I had with. The GoAuto package was also amazing. Also got their home and auto insurance bundled up and I saved $60 more a month!

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