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Évaluations et commentaires - Strong Therapies - Heather Strong

Quelle note donneriez-vous à cette entreprise?
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    Heather your the reason I believe in acupuncture , you took my pain away 💪❤️Thanks

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    Yvonne F

    I have been recei...

    I have been receiving treatments for the past 10 years and I cant say enough about the total well being a treatment can provide. I originally went to Heather for pain relieve but since then I have gone for treatments for sports injuries, internal illnesses and overall energy. I highly recommend Strong Therapies with Heathers many years of experience and accreditation I continue to go for treatments for overall well being

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    Sherri L

    Heather Strong, ...

    Heather Strong, of Strong Therapies, has been instrumental in my healing. I have had two car accidents in the last eight years and had whiplash both times. I was suffering everyday with an intense headache, a sore neck, and persistent nausea. With her painless treatments, I found relief and healing. I was also able to bring my baby girl for treatments. She was in the accident as well. Although I was not sure if she had been hurt, Heather assessed that her back was indeed sore. Heather gave her quick (and affordable) treatments that healed the injury. It made her more comfortable in her body. And it helped to relax her overall demeanour. And it is also noteworthy that I was able to receive treatment during my pregnancy. Heather would work on my sore back, sore hips, and any symptom that would occur, including the morning sickness. As you can well imagine, I looked forward to every treatment!

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    Kristen S

    Heather Strong ha...

    Heather Strong has helped me alieviate back pain, migraines, and sore muscles quickly without needles. I have been seeing her for the past 32 years and now that I have children they see her as well. I Highly recommend her.

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    Heather has been ...

    Heather has been treating me for almost 40 years. Her treatments have improved my rheumatoid and osteo arthritis, and greatly relieved my pain and stiffness. I would recommend her treatments to anyone suffering from any type of auto-immune or chronic disease. Best of all, her treatments are painless and are great value compared to other types of treatments.

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    Traditional Chine...

    Traditional Chinese Medicine. Heather has healed some of my sports injuries that lingered for years that others could not fix. Took 4 appts to see results and so worth it!

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