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    Best place to sell gold and collectibles

    I recently lost my husband. I had to sort through years of memories and really didnt know where to begin. My neighbour gave me a telephone number for a gentleman who she had sold some jewelry to, so I could sell a few things quickly to cover some expenses. When I called I was so surprised at the genuine care and compassion I received from the woman who I spoke with. I had been expecting a pawn-shop type of establishment and it was such a huge relief that they were so different. When she told me they would come to my house to help me determine what had value and what didnt, the burden of selling some of our things became so much more manageable. Their prices exceeded my expectations, and I know that my neighbour had shopped around prior and John's offer was the highest, so it was nice to know that I could trust his expertise. I wouldnt consider selling to anyone else, TJ Traders was a pleasure to do business with and I am grateful for their time and assistance in my time of need.

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    Seller beware!

    SELLER BEWARE!! They'll suggest a very lowball price. I was offered 4x more for a stirling flatware set by another local silver dealer.

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    Réponse d'entreprise 24 janvier 2012

    Second buyer purchased for personal use. He was not a certified appraiser and seems to have purchased for price of sterling when the set was in fact silver plate. We are certified appraisers with 30 years experience. We offer competitive pricing based on current market value. Our prices are determined using a variety of accredited sources combined with our extensive knowledge, expertise, and industry experience.

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