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    If you have a ele...

    If you have a electrical problem with your car that maybe other shops haven't figured out, bring it here! They know their stuff when it comes to diagnostics. Trust them with your vehicle. I wouldn't take mine anywhere else!

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    I really loved my...

    I really loved my experience at Westview. They are honest and trustworthy and willing to work with you to get your car back on the road. Highly recommend this business!

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    Response to last post:

    Install issue, not a parts issue. It is an easy out to cover their butt to blame a customer for bringing in their own products. By this logic, lets say you bring in your own oil and they forget to put the bolt back in and this ruins your engine. Is this the oil company's fault? Or the installer? This company does not look for return customers. The discount was still on overcharge for their mistake.

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    Joe M


    If I could give no stars for the service here I would. They charged me twice for the same job and did not honor warranty. Since the old owner no longer works there, I will NOT be returning to this mechanic shop.

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    Réponse du marchand 6 octobre 2015

    We are a family owned business and have been since day one. We strive to have satisfied customers and have had very good success doing that for over 35years. The issue with this vehicle is that the owner supplied HIS OWN PARTS. They were high performance parts he ordered from the USA for his modified vehicle. We stand behind our work and parts, but we can not be expected to stand behind customer supplied high performance aftermarket parts. We offered to try to work with him to see if the supplier in the USA would provide some warranty assistance on their parts, but he said they would not. Despite all this we still landed up giving him a special courtesy discount to try and help him out. We sincerely aim to have 100% customer satisfaction but this was one case where it seemed nothing we said or did, short of absorbing all the costs for him, was going to make him happy.

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