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  • Service: 3/5
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Unprofessional and Unhappy

I got my eyebrows tattooed here and the results were a disaster. Do NOT go here unless you know EXACTLY what eyebrow shape you want and you like it BOLD. Although we initially used a stencil to figure out a shape (which I learned later on that stencils are very bad to use as everyone has their own unique brow shape to enhance their own face), she still tattooed past what we agreed on was okay and it ruined my face. She told me the color was going to be brown, but when it faded it was still pure black. It also wasn't the enhanced look I wanted, it was too harsh looking. I was so depressed and insecure after getting them done and realizing that after the healing process, they were still too harsh and extremely crooked (my left eyebrow looked really straight and the right eyebrow had a very sharp angle) and the wrong color (probably because she mixed the ink wrong). Overall, unless you want harsh looking unnatural eyebrows I do not recommend this place at all. Do not go through what I went through, I was so depressed to the point of almost being suicidal. Thank god I found a place that does permanent makeup removal, however the front ends of my brows will never go back to my normal skin color so I will have that to haunt me forever. I wish for no one to go through what Im going through, so please do your research if you want permanent makeup done and I really would not want any of my friends to go here. Also, when I had problems with the healing process and called her.. she was very rude and was not at all concerned about anything else.

Service: 1/5
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