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    Staff seemed nice enough but it soon became very apparent, it's about the money and only the money... up-selling via emotional blackmail is the priority, not the pet's health. Best avoided at all costs.

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    I have a pug . Th...

    I have a pug . This place is amazing !!! I can't explain!!! At a different vet they told me I had to drug him in order to cut his nails !!! I didn't think that was right at all . I did it twice ! I feel awful !! No one should be put out in order to get a simple nail trip !!!! This other vet didn't care to take its time at all !!! Makes me very angry !! There's no care for my little baby leroy !!! It makes me sick ! Until I came across a review for this animal hospital! I am so happy I did . It took 7 mins and my pug was happy . He wasn't running out of this vet ! I couldn't believe my eyes !! I highly recommend this place !! Thanks to someone that had a pug and wrote a review !

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    Lack of experience! and it shows!

    My girlfriend took our dog in recently for treatment and it came out worse than when it went in! Another vet says it now has kennel cough! We certainly won't go back.

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    Katherine W

    Best Vet Service

    I brought my kitty in a couple months ago because her uterus had to be taken out. She is 11 years old and I was concerned that she might not make it through the operation. The staff at this clinic were very good and supportive. I kept my kitty there and when I called to check on her they let me know someone was keeping an eye on her and petting her so she felt at home. Best service by far. Even though I live in New West and have to commute to the clinic, it is well worth the service and value. Thank you!

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