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4481 Dawson St, Burnaby BC V5C 4B8
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    I had a nasty dent from a speeding car on my right fender and a dent on my left fender from a parking mess up. Paintless Dent repair would have cost 200$ for the small dent, and nothing could be done about the right. I called and was shocked at the great price I was quoted, I had my right and left fender replaced with new ones for under $300. The color was not right, but I was referred to a great painter in house for $200 to paint both fenders and some scratches around them, a steal!!!

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    Run away

    I walked in to get a flat tire fixed and the owner tried to get me to buy 4 new tires and said to me that I need 4 new ones, because they are all worn out. I thought that was ridiculous, because 2 of my tires was bought earlier this year and I do not drive a lot. I put about 1200km a month on my car and my car sat in the garage for 2 months while I was on vacation!! I am a girl, yes, but i do not appreciate be taken for a ride like that!!! Of course, I said I would think about it and left. I got a second opinion from a recommended mechanic and they said the tires were fine and that I just needed to rotate the tires. If you feel like getting ripped off then feel free to come here. If you want to meet a con artist then come here. Otherwise save your time and money and go elsewhere.

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    Réponse d'entreprise 22 octobre 2015

    We are very sorry for the service you have had here previously, and we would like you to know we are under new management. Our red seal mechanics here are very well experienced and our prices will be much better. We would like to ensure you that this type of service will never happen to you again.

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