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45595 Yale Rd, Chilliwack BC V2P 2N1
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  • Asiatique,
  • Chinoise,

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  • Anglais,
  • Cantonais,

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Quelle note donneriez-vous à cette entreprise?
  • Atmosphère: 3/5
  • Nourriture: 2.2/5
  • Service: 3/5
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Tyler W

Food result=Sick/diahreaa

Ordered their food last night to give this restaurant a second try because of my poor first experience and what a mistake that was. I ordered 2 of the same combos and all the food was terribly OILY and just off tasting, i couldn't finish my plate and since then we have both been taking turns running to the washroom in the middle of the night. Awful experience, their food quality is TERRIBLE and will make you sick!

Nourriture: 1/5
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Best Chinese I've...

Best Chinese I've ever had. It tastes good. Service is good.

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waste of money, go anywhere else but here.

we stopped by for dinner and this was our first time at the canton garden as we were in a mood for something besides the regular white spot resturaunt we go to. the first thing we noticed was the the resturaunt was completely empty when we walked in, a sign of a bad resturaunt but we ignored it and we assumed they were just dead because of the warm weather. 1st strike against them, we were sat way at the back, (the place was totally empty so why were we so far back?) and given our water, my cup had dirt in the bottom but my fiances cup was fine. we then sat at our booth for 25 minutes before a different server asked us if we were doing ok and we told her that we hadnt received our drinks and then our original server brought us our consume and tried to tell us she had been distracted in the back when we could see her talking to the hostess for 25 minutes and laughing. i ordered the fish and chips and my fiance had the chicken fingers. to say the least the food was terrible and for the price you pay definitely under portioned and way way too hot to serve to customers. My fish was 90% batter and so greasy that it was dripping grease onto my plate and soggy and the fries were really greasy too but they only put maybe a handful(for a $10 meal i'd expect more than just a handful) on my plate with some warm shredded cabbage and bitter mayonnaise. my fiance was also given a very small handful of greasy fries but he said his chicken fingers were fine other than being way to hot to eat right away. He had a coke from a fountain pop machine and i had an iced tea and the machine wasn't set proper so i had a super sweet syruppy gross drink. when we left our server hadn't even bothered to check on us at all to ask if we had been happy or if we were ready to go so the hostess had to go ask her to make up out bill so we could leave. would recommend any other resturaunt but this one. food was horrible as well as service and the interior decoration was mediocre and kinda dingy.

Atmosphère: 1/5
Nourriture: 1/5
Service: 1/5
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Good Food for a good price

I have gone to this location a number of times and highly recommend this place. It is small and quaint but well kept and very clean. I have always received good sized portions of food that I always enjoy. Everyone working there was very happy and seemed to take pride in their food. A great place for lunch with prices under $7.00.

Atmosphère: 4/5
Nourriture: 4/5
Service: 4/5
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2 order of #2 dinners, 1order of #1 dinner...

2 order of #2 dinners, 1order of #1 dinner. coffee each and water each. The food was very bland, with no flavor and greasy and warm. One person complained with the meal when paying and the response was "Oh". I was there 2 weeks prior to that and had a very good meal, but am very hesitant to go back. Two of my family members were there for take out food and they had to thow most of it out as it was not very good also. We work very hard for our money also and would like to keep on treating ourselves to a dinner once in awhile, if we knew the food would be palatable.

Atmosphère: 4/5
Nourriture: 3/5
Service: 4/5
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