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Quelle note donneriez-vous à cette entreprise?
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    I love Dr Debeer! He's a great family doctor. Unfortunately tho, there has been a change in the office. They've added new doctors (which is great) BUT now it's unbelievably hard to get through on the phones to make an appt! There needs to be a better system then what they doing now. It's very frustrating having to continually call through out the day and not get through!

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    Asked for a referral and the Dr. said it was taken care and done. The referral never got to the other clinic. Unreliable.

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    The receptionist was rude. She was so flippant that she was practically rolling her eyes at me. They had booked me for a new patient appointment and I called to cancel a week in advance. When asked to book a new appointment I was told I had be flagged (blackballed) as "walk in only". I asked why, and the receptionist said she was just there on weekends and she had no idea what they did during the week, and the weekday staff cause her nothing but problems. I won't be back as a "walk in only".

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    Patty-anne L

    After my Dr retired I had to find a new one . impossible in Victoria. Valley View Clinic took me in and I am delighted. I have a lady Dr who is so easy to speak to she put me at ease so quickly. She got a grasp on my situation and is now my family Dr. The front end girls are busy, but cheerful and efficient.

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    Christine R

    Dr de Beer is a w...

    Dr de Beer is a wonderful Dr. Caring and knowledgeable

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    Lucia A

    I have been going...

    I have been going to this walk-in Clinic with my family for the past few years and have had nothing but the best attention and medical care. Their in-house Dr. is wonderful and really listens and follows through.

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    I went into the c...

    I went into the clinic recently to get checked out for strep throat. I waited a couple days after I had gone in and got phone call, so I called in and they said the test had come back clean. The symptoms slowly went away then came back but not the same symptoms of strep throat. Turns out I did have strep throat after all and it's turned into tonsillitis. I will not be going back here again.

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    Never again.

    I brought my son in for a questionable bladder infection. He was checked out, and a urine sample was sent off for culture. I was told they would contact me if there was an issue. I received no phone call. 4 days later I called in myself to find the results on the sample. Without asking my name, the receptionist said "if we don't call you, all's good" so relieved, I carried on thinking he was fine. 6 days go by, and there's still a problem. I went in to our family doctor for a second opinion, he called lifelabs himself and found my son had high white cells in his urine, and needed antibiotics immediately. I am disgusted. I, nor anyone I know who went through that walk in clinic will EVER be back in. I do not trust them with my children's welfare.

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