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    Awesome daycare, don't miss it

    This daycare is awsome. My wife and I had visited more than ten daycares before we decided to send our daughter to this one although it is 17 kms away from our home. The teachers are patient and love children. Each Friday, my daughter will bring home a lot of ARTs she made in the week. You will know what beautiful things she can make. She was always happy to go to the daycare and sing a song she learned at the circle time. She also got good training on letters, numbers, and colors. Her English improved a lot while English is our second language. We are very happy to see her grow and learn in the daycare. Now she entered the kindergarten. Since she had a good performance on an interview before the admission, she was admitted to the class mixture with grade one students. Her transition from daycare to school is very smooth. The daycare is excellent in providing a clean and healthy environment to children. My daughter had never been affected a flu from other kids in the daycare. We highly recommend Friendship daycare if you are looking for a daycare for your loved ones.

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    Pros & Cons

    Pros: *Very Clean *Decent variety in themes from month to month Cons: *Rigid Manager with few conflict resolution skills *Random policy changes enforced at managers whim *Rate increases year after year *Weekly Themes recycled from one year to the next *Outside time is not done on a daily basis *Lacks the home away from home fee

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