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    Sharon P

    Amazing Physiotherapist & GENTLE

    I was referred to Johanne about 1.5 years ago. I saw her more than a dozen times over the course of about 9 months and now see her for regular follow-ups, every few months or as needed. I have found her to be extremely gentle when working internally as well as externally. She has been recommended to many of my friends who have also had great success. Would not hesitate to recommend her. She is truly amazing.

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    Horrible...Please Avoid

    I saw Johanne about 2months ago for the pelvic pain. She did the first treatment, I felt no change then I went second time she worked deeply this time, after the treatment when I came home I felt very sharp pain in my tailbone and pressure. I called her and spoke with her, she said she worked deeply but if I continue feel the pain then come back . I called her and left the message but she didn't call me back, I keep on calling and leaving the message for several days but did not get any answer from her and I was suffering from this terrible pain. I keep on calling her and after one week she p/u the phone and said she was going to call me back. She treated me again, she said that on my second treatment she work with my tailbone and she treat me only one side because she did not have enough time that's why my tailbone was unbalance but she will fix it this time. I was more sore and was in more pain when I got home again after the treatment. Its been more then a month now, I am in so much pain, I couldn't sit for more then 5minuts, I am laying down or walking around. I been to another Physiotherapist, he said my tailbone was out so he fixed it but my pain is still there, I am seeing a Chiropractor now but still in the pain. I don't know what should I do to get rid of this pain. My advice please stay away from her.

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