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    I worked for a group home service for 10 years. Holm's Mechanical became our "fleet" repair mechanics. After seeing the way they treated our company vehicles I began taking my car, and then my children's cars to them for service and repairs. They provide exceptional and honest service, hands down. They make necessary repairs and advise you if it's not worth doing (kids second hand vehicles). I trust and recommend them whole-heartedly!!

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    Ashley T

    Hi, I came in a w...

    Hi, I came in a week ago when my Check Engine light suddenly popped on. We were 400km into a 5 day, 2000km trip, and wanted to check things out, get them fixed and make sure it was safe to continue driving. We just googled for an auto shop as close to us as possible, and Holm's Mechanical/Napa came up. So, we followed the GPS down some little side-roads, and got to the shop in the late afternoon, not too far off from closing time. The owner got us in right away, and the mechanics did a very thorough check to find the car's problem, fix what needed to be done, and confirm that it was safe to continue on our trip. They didn't rush through anything and did a very thorough analysis, even though it was at the end of the day. There was great communication the entire time we were there. I definitely didn't feel like I was being treated like a little girl who knows nothing about vehicles. In the past at other shops, I've gone through the terrible experience of being treated poorly, talked down to, or ripped off just because I'm a girl. These mechanics are a great, down-to-earth, positive, trustworthy group of guys, and they definitely know their cars. I just wanted to send off this email to say thank you, and we truly appreciate the good work, hearts and minds of everybody that we came across at your shop. Cheers!

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