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    Morsal M

    They are terrible I got my eyebrows done today and she did a terrible job she just waxed the extra hairs she didn't clean my eyebrows or shape them, she tells me your done I get up and look in the mirror there is so many little hairs uneven eyebrows and I asked her to do it again and she did,I get up it's the same and I asked her to do it again and this other lady took over she was even worse they said all done and clean but it was still bad so I just left. For $15 it's not worth it at all!!

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    I had a question ...

    I had a question about my nose piercing, which I got at another Merle Norman location, and the staff person who spoke with me was rude and unhelpful. I walked away feeling mildly offended and worried about my piercing. I called my original piercer (at the Metrotown location) and she was patient and explained things clearly. Always going back to her, never going back to the Willowbrook location, even for an inquiry

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    Worst experience ...

    Worst experience I've ever had! I went in to get eyelash extensions, I felt very rushed, she clearly didn't want to answer my questions. During the process she put the tape in my eye instead of holding the eyelashes down with a bright light in my face, so naturally my eyes watered... I then felt every poke from the eyelashes being glued on to my own, I felt stinging then my eyes swelled right up, she showed no concern what so ever, she said I wasn't meant to have lashes .. I called later to inform the manager of my experience, I was asked to go in, another lady took my name a number and said I would be hearing from them, I haven't heard a word since that day! I DO NOT! recommend this place... After being scared I finally worked up the courage and went to a reputable Spa and I now have beautiful lashes :)

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