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“I started training with Revolution when they first opened back in 2004, and eventually became one of their fighters,” says Jared Revel.

Working full time, he wasn’t able to get over to the gym and train as often as he wanted, so when the general manager position opened up in 2011, he leapt at the opportunity to combine his business background and his passion. His dedication has since earned him an ownership stake in the fitness facility in Langley, B.C., along with all of the other head instructors at Revolution Martial Arts and Fitness.

Revolution was initially established thanks to the passion for martial arts of Robin Holustca and his previous business partners. Since then, the atmosphere at the fitness facility has evolved as more and more instructors make the gym a personal investment.

In the early days of Revolution Martial Arts and Fitness, Jared admits it was a struggle to find instructors who were dedicated to the job. But over the years, all of the owners earned their black belts and became head instructors. “To make any facility thrive as an owner, you have to be engaged 150 per cent,” says Jared. “The owners are actually putting in their blood, sweat and tears, and that’s what creates that family atmosphere.”

The influence of the owners has helped shape the atmosphere of the business. With over 100 kids and a large number of women joining the martial arts program, it’s become less of a “macho gym” and more of a family-oriented facility. “There are a number of families who have at least three or four people doing something here. So it’s definitely a family affair,” says Jared.

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