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    Dr. Dixon is a highly personable, caring professional genuinely concerned about the health of his patients. He takes the time needed to listen and treat my foot issues arising from living with diabetes for over 25 yrs. Despite his busy practice, he always takes the time needed to treat me. I prefer quality care over time-driven treadmill care. His clear practical advise on managing my feet has led to great improvements. I tried other podiatrists before, so I know his fees are very reasonable.

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    I recently had a plantar's wart treated by laser by Dr. Dixon, and I had a lot of anxiety before the appointment and when I arrived. Dr. Dixon did everything to ease my fears and talked me through the whole procedure. He is about the nicest Doctor you could ever meet, does not rush you out like most doctors who don't seem to care. Very easy going, funny and super friendly, not to mention his fees are about 1/3 of every other podiatrist that I called.

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    I had my ingrown toenails attended to by Dr. Dixon. I found him to be very impersonal. Last night I had to dig out the ingrown nail myself as pressure in my toe was the same as before treatment. He also charges over and above the medical plan. Who would do this if they were really dedicated??

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