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Quelle note donneriez-vous à cette entreprise?
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    Exceptionally fast and extremely helpful emergency service in minus 10 degree weather. I will now use Mavco all the time. Fehlings lost me as a customer after failing to return my call on their so called emergency hotline. Thank you Mavco!

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    Jike M

    There when I needed them.

    Mavco ( drainage div ) came thru for me today. Main drain plugged up last night and my 25' auger wouldn't reach. I went into the office (Mavco) this morning and got a quote then called around to compare. Everyone I called was too busy to make it today (and today is a friday!) so I hired Mavco. By 12:30pm the job was done and I was happy. Thanks to Greg for a great job and friendly disposition.

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    Over 8 months ago...

    Over 8 months ago I called MAVCO to see if I could get someone to come and look at my water boiler and was told by some young girl that she would call me the next day to Set up an apointment with a plumber ....she never call back !! Fast forward to last Saturday ! Again I called MAVCO and spoke to an after hour operator who took down my name and phone number and few details about my problem . On Monday morning I got a call from Chantal who ask me what was my problem so I told her in details what it was and she told me that she would call back the same day to set up an appointment with a plumber for the next day ......she NEVER call back that day !! So this morning I called and asked her if she had set up a visit to my house from a plumber ?? She act completely confused and again I had to tell her again about our conversation from yesterday and finally she said that there was minimal fees for a visit and an estimate from the plumber !! I told her that I knew that because I told her on Monday morning that it was ok !! Then all of a sudden she said that her plumber had called off sick today and she didn't know when he would be back !!. She didn't appeared to be interested in talking to me and never offer to call me as soon as she find out when a plumber could be dispatched to my house. Her communication skill were absolutely atrocious and my experience with MAVCO left me with a real bad taste in my mouth !! Eventually I called an intelligent plumber who came and fixed my boiler !! I will never recommend MAVCO to anybody !! If I could I wouldn't allow even a one star !!

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    James R

    Mavco charged us ...

    Mavco charged us over $100 to tell us it was a big job. Had a broken pipe under my house, phoned Mavco and the guy came looked at the problem and told wife the supervisor needed to come and give us a estimate. Waited 5 days (Which is a long time when you can't use the plumbing in your house) no call, So I had to do it myself and it wasn't that bad of a job.

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    Neil C

    They must have better things to do

    After calling on a tuesday because my heat was failing, I was told (after being laughed at for not knowing much about my heating system, im a new home owner) that I would receive a call friday before someone came out...3 days later....Its now the next wednesday and no Phone call. UNRELIABLE!!! And They do not do plumbing and heating within the same call. They'l charge you another $85 just to check it out.

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    Who you want to call!

    Friendly, knowledgeable staff! I highly recommend Lance, Heather and their team for all your plumbing, heating, a/c and refrigeration needs.

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