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Ordered four combos to go last weekend. It wasn't until we were finished eating that we realized one of the drink cups had "RINSING CUP" written on it with pen. Looks like the cup they were using to rinse things behind the counter somehow got mixed up with the other cups and was given to us with our order. What a stomach churning, sickening thought that we drank out of a cup that was used to rinse who knows what. Emailed company but got nothing more than an auto response. Won't eat here again!!

Nourriture: 1/5
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I just got the chicken meal for 11.95... First of all the chicken pieces were so small It wouldnt fill up a crow. After getting home I realized they forgot my onion rings which are ridiculousy expensive for 8 of them. I phoned in and said now I have todrive all the way back so please remake my onion rings so they are hot. They did not. THEY ARE COLD. I asked for an extra chicken for my troubles and at least they did that. No napkins or utensils included with our meals as I also got a mozza me

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