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85-89 Moray St, Port Moody BC V3H 3M2
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Trust and honesty are, undeniably, the two most important values in a relationship with your auto repair shop. Gary and Shelly Smith, the husband and wife team behind Port Moody Auto & Air, understand the significance of customer confidence, particularly in an industry once stereotyped for its half-truths and questionable business practices.

"I could spend every dime on advertising and I would never attain the response that I get from customer referrals; it's the best business we can get, especially in this industry," reveals Shelly. "Trust, for us, is number one. It is always a financial decision when it comes to car repairs, so customers have to feel you are telling them exactly what is going on with their vehicle and what they need to do."

These ethical principles make up the backbone of the business at Port Moody Auto & Air. In fact, Shelly is quick to say that Gary is definitely a man that lives by The Golden Rule, to treat others, as you would want them to treat you. "He is a very honest person in his own life," she says. "He's got a good heart and he's just a really good guy."

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    they have lost touch with customer service ! phoned a few days ago and booked appointment for cooling system service...showed up for appointment, and told basically too busy might take a couple of days...then what??? have recommended this shop to other for years and been told similar stories...can no longer recommend this business.... a shame

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    I found Port Moody Auto & Air Repair shop to be incompetent and untrustworthy. They repaired the left front wheel bearing just fine but I kept hearing a new noise. They originally told me that it was the CV axle, which I repaired. The noise was still there. They then told me it was the power steering belt, then the brakes, then the struts. Took it to my own mechanic. It turned out none of the above was the problem. The right wheel dust shield was touching the wheel. Be careful with these guys.

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    Do not trust these people. I had to take them to court and wait 1 year while they gave my car away to another garage and I never saw it again. I beat them in court but got only a few dollars for my troubles. They advertise loaner cars but would not loan me a car either or return my calls.

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    Patricia S

    My BCAA guy was v...

    My BCAA guy was very well-acquainted with Gary & Shelley. He admired my choice in repair facilities! This is the second car we have dropped off and I'm more than confident we will receive the same excellent service and value as the first time around and my daughter can't wait to see their dogs again! Highly recommended.

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    Andrea C

    Shelly is amazing...

    Shelly is amazing -- working with her has been wonderful. She genuinely cares about her customers, her personable nature & take charge personality assures you that your needs will be taken care of. It is easy to see why customers trust her and keep coming back.

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