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    Horrendous experience with their Customer Service

    I ordered a Lawn Tractor on May 24/ 2012. I was told it will take 2 weeks for it to arrive and i will be contacted when the item arrives. 3 weeks later, i go to the store and they tell me the new ESTIMATED date of arrival for my tractor is June 27 (5 weeks after my order). It is now Past June 27, I still never got a single word from them telling me whether my tractor has arrived or not. On July 04, i called the store, once again i was told my tractor isn't here yet, perhaps i would like to refund it since it's been 6 weeks since i ordered it. Half an hour later, i receive a call from them saying oh my tractor has actually arrived, and if i can go pick it up next week. On the same day i go to the store to get a refund on this order, they say they must charge me a 20% re-stocking fee on the order if i wish to refund it. I find this unreasonable, because they NEVER even gave me a call to let me know the status of my tractor, not UNTIL I GAVE THEM a call on July 04, that they call me back. I complained and tried to reason, but the manager of the store just said "I'm not going to go over this with you again, if you want to refund this order, you HAVE TO pay the 20% "re-stocking" fee and that's final." This is ridiculous, i've never seen a manager of such a large store like this that has such lack of respect and reasoning with the customers' complaint. I even asked them to pull out the record that shows the time and date of them contacting me to let me know the status of my tractor order, they can't show me anything. They ONLY Refund me 80% of my original order, which means i paid $200+ PLUS TAX on the "re-stocking" fee for NOTHING. JUST ABSOLUTELY THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I've EVER EXPERIENCED IN NORTH AMERICA. Never again will i ever step foot here or recommend anyone here. If the store manager's attitude to the customers' reasonable complaint is "what i say is law, you either take it or leave it" , then you can imagine how the employees of the store will be like.

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