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    Rachel P

    horrible service ...

    horrible service and worst pedicure

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    Kathy C

    Great service, ve...

    Great service, very professional, and friendly

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    Casey L

    Where to Start?

    So I have never written one of these, not from being lazy but I have never felt the need. I am so upset. I went in with a woman I work with who has down syndrome. She just got her first job and I wanted to take her to celebrate by getting her nails done. Her dad gave me a gift certificate but I noticed it expired a few months ago. I went in and asked if we could still use it because I was planning on getting mine done as well. So they would be making money. Did I mention the place was COMPLETELY empty? So I asked one of the ladies working there, and she just turned and started talking to her co-worker in a language I did not know. She then went and talked to her "manager" who HID in the back room and refused to come talk to me. I was standing with my friend smiling. I simply asked why would a nail gift certificate expire??? Why would they turn down business? When one of the girls came back she stood in front of my friend and whispered to me that they just could not take it and that what I was holding in my hand was completely useless. She did mention though if I had come before the expiry date it would have been all okay. Well thanks.

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