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    excellent rmt

    i am a nurse who works in hospital full time. i definitely need rmt, a good one for long run and i recommend this clinic to everyone. i walked into this clinic cuz i live very nearby and I've been going at least once a week. the rmt's skills are outstanding. 2 years later i was under treatment for my gastroenteritis and i saw the herbalist in the same clinic as well (cuz i live closely). i received treatment and my stomach was treated after one month. i was on very heavy dose of antibiotics and it totally destroyed my normal flora. therefore i was following with the herbalist and have been following for one year. i do hot yoga at least 4 times a week it helps my body when i receive my massage. This clinic helped me great deal physically. 5 stars!

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    A Few Needles - Lots of Health

    I am a writer and spend lots of time by the computer. For a long time I had a problem with my back. I applied to several chiropractors in Richmond and even in US. Their treatment was long, expensive and effective but for short time: my problem came back again very soon. Recently I tried to treat my problem with help of Dr. Yelizarov. My back pain was so strong that I couldn't even move. And this is amazing! Just after the first session I could sleep and walk well! I am sure that after additional sessions I leave this problem for ever!

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    Finally a treatment that worked for my problem.

    I have attended this clinic (here and at their previous location) over several years now. For a variety of issues. I have found all members of staff to be helpful and polite. They take the time to engage in a two way conversation about your problem. The premises are clean, bright and warm. Mr Yelizarov is currently using the EIMS to resolve an issue that the regular medical system failed to help with.September 2013 Dr Nestorova has been most helpful with her information on vitamins and TCM. For me EIMS is the difference between therapies that help a bit or resolving the problem. If you have muscular pain I would HIGHLY recommend this clinic as a way to resolve it. Some issues will resolve with a only a few sessions, some long standing things may take a bit longer. I am a client and have not been given any reward to post this review.

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