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  • Service: 1/5
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Lucas H

I always get service at this location, great employees, great service, never any complaints. They should be recognized for that.

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Jean-Pierre D

All my friends have come here too

Extremely satisfying experience. Warmly greeted by a friendly and expert salesperson and walked through their building. After only a few minutes of being in the place, I knew that this is where I would be getting my new car. My salesperson, David Johnson listened intently to all my needs, and thoroughly answered all my questions. In the end, he respected my financial comfort zone and ended up getting me more car than I thought I could have. Recommended to all my friends. So far four have bought.

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Quoting is not our best attribute

The first time I took my car in for service at Goldkey Whiterock I was charged for an hour of labour for one of the service guys to call around to make me a quote. Then when you take your vehicle in to get the service work done they give you a quote + tax but for some reason they always forget to mention intitially that there is a shop supplies fee that is not included in your quote. It seems there is always hidden fees at the end of your service, surprise! even though they give you a quote. This has happened to me 3 out of 3 times I have used Gold key volkswagon for service even if i ask them to phone me if the price changes from the quote! Then at the end of your service they tell you that you will get an survey via e-mail to rate the service you received they stress to you that their job personally is on the line if you dont give them 100% on the customer satisfaction survey.

Service: 1/5
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