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    Only one person w...

    Only one person working at a time at this location, poor customer service and does not even have any of the accessories for the phones they have. They have limited stock on hand and you need to wait for your turn when there is too many customers. You need to wait outside till somebody lets you into the store and then when you are in, there is not much displayed for you to look at. total waste of time. I had to wait 30 minutes while the lady finished with somebody else. Then when it was my turn

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    what you see is not always what you get

    The sales associate will mislead you, he will modify the advertised plans to please you. He told me I will get 2GB with my plan, when if fact I only got 1 GB. I only found out when I got my bill. Even though my contract stated 1GB, I took his word for it, because he told me repeatedly I will get 2 GB and he initialed my contract. I trusted what he was saying. Fido customer service told me to go back to the store, I went to the store and confronted him, only to be told that he didn't tell say anything about 2GB. Now I'm battling Fido's head office to do the right thing, big headache please avoid.

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    Unreliable and bad customer service

    They are Fido dealers. When you buy any plan from them make notes of each thing they are promising with you to avoid the disappointment when you receive your invoice. They have typical Punjabi style service. They promise you one thing and deliver another. They make false promises to sell you the product. After you have made agreement with them they back out from the promises they have made. So be careful or do not go there at all.

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