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    THANKS FOR NOTHING! - booked 2 wks in advance for a haircolor. Got there and was told i was booked for a hairCUT. They told me they have to cancel my appointment bec they are short on people and they are fully booked and doing a haircolor takes hours (well duh). The incompetence of the receptionist who booked me wasted my time. Drove from richmond to downtown vancouver early in the morning and get no service. It's a big disappointment and a waste of my time.

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    So disappointing ..I made a hair appointment ..drove for over an hr and paid for parking downtown (which isn't cheap) and I was told to reschedule for another day and come back because the student hadn't come. I asked if there's another student available and was told that the other student would be about an hour wait (best guess ..maybe longer) so I can wait. No thanks.. There was no apology from their staff member for this inconvenience. Never going back for the lack of professionalism!

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