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    Horrible delivery experience

    Horrible delivery service. This afternoon some friends and I ordered a couple of starters and a medium pizza. This was placed at 4pm, well ahead of any dinner rush, and the initial delivery took one hour to arrive, and they forgot the pizza; The biggest, most necessary part of the meal. The driver left to "get the pizza", but we never heard back from him. After another hour (two hours now), we called the restaurant back, and the pizza was still waiting there for him to pick up. Initially it was a struggle to even speak with the manager to receive some sort of discount for what would otherwise be viewed as terrible service inside the restaurant. While waiting for the manager to call back, the pizza finally arrived (2.5 hours), barely warm and clearly had been sitting out for the entire time. No discount was offered for any of this, but after describing to the manager that this wouldn't fly if I was sitting in his restaurant, he agreed to mail us a lame gift certificate. Because of this, I wouldn't recommend Boston Pizza for delivery. It might not always happen, but this was beyond a poor experience for ordering food. PS. Upon writing this, my friend just found a hair longer than my forearm mixed in with the chicken wings. :)

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