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    For many years Drytech Construction has assisted our family with numerous renovation and roofing related projects. They were always very reasonable in price and very professional in performing the work. We also liked the fact that they use Eco-Friendly products that last a lifetime. We only deal with BBB members and they have a A+ rating and they own their office building which shows stability. If you are looking for an established company Drytech is your very best choice. Many of our friends and family members have used Drytech because of our referral and they feel the same as we do.

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    Great Job!

    My wife and I used Drytech to reshingle our roof and later to re-surface our sundeck with Tufflex. The guys were really friendly and easy to talk to. Definitely did not get a sleazy vibe from them, which is not uncommon in the construction/roofing business. They took my jobs very seriously and made sure that we were happy before charging us anything. Great experience.

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    Renovations & Roofing

    Drytech Construction Inc. replaced my roof, installed a new extension to my home and a new custom kitchen. They were very professional and also reasonable in price and I would recommend them to anyone including my family & friends. They have been around for 20 years and have an A+ BBB rating. Anyone writing a negative review on Drytech must have the wrong company or must be an unreasonable person. I have more faith in a BBB rating than some review from a complete stranger who can make false statements without being questioned .

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    If you are thinking about hiring this company to do any work on your roof...think again! Carolyn and Ken are very unprofessional by the way they handled our dispute. We gave them the benefit of the doubt and did not file a complaint with the BBB – so what do they do??? They filed a builders lien against our house. Yes, contractors have the right to put a builders lien on your home when final payment is not made, but NOT while we were are negotiating the damages their crew did on our property hence no final payment made until it was resolved. Took a few long weeks, but was eventually resolved. Lien was placed against our house back in July 2008. It's now July 2011 and we just found out they did this. We called Drytech and asked to speak to Carolyn who was unavailable at the time. She didn't even have the decency to return our call but instead had her flunky do her dirty work! And to think we spent $36000 on this company!

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    Réponse du marchand 17 août 2012

    This review is not only inaccurate but very malicious by using names etc... It was a very complex job and every thing was resolved with the owner but we could not get paid. Liens are the only form of protection a construction company has. The owner found this out several years after the job was completed and then went berserk filing nasty untrue reviews etc. Use BBB to evaluate how reputable a firm is as this would not even be accepted by BBB as a complaint. Drytech has an A+ rating so don't be mislead by reviews as you can say anything you want whether it is true or not.

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