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According to its owner, Rob Venables, “[There are] records showing that Dunbar Cycles has been in business since as far back as 1926.” But you won't find any penny farthings or hobby horses on its showroom floor.

After over 80 years as a neighbourhood shop serving Vancouver's west side, Dunbar Cycles has relocated and reinvented itself. Now situated at 195 West Broadway, a stone's throw from several other bicycle and outdoor retailers, Dunbar Cycles is quickly establishing itself as the centre of mountain biking in Vancouver — and it's not stopping there.

Unlike most shop owners — many of whom can trace their involvement in bike shops back decades, if not generations — Rob is a relative newcomer to the industry. He comes from a racing and small-business background, and jumped at an opportunity to combine the two by purchasing Dunbar Cycles in 2008. He quickly set about putting his stamp on the place, turning a local shop in a quiet residential neighbourhood into a name with national, and arguably global, recognition.

Rob sees his relative inexperience as a strength rather than a weakness, putting his lifelong experience to use by emphasizing a focus and connection to the client. “I've spent most of my time in the bike industry as a customer, so I run the store from a customer's perspective,” he says. With Internet sales taking an ever-growing slice of the bicycle retail pie, shops are having to concentrate on what they are uniquely positioned to provide — knowledge and service — to remain successful and survive. Now, with that emphasis firmly entrenched on the shop floor, Dunbar Cycles is taking a decidedly aggressive approach to growing its brand and market.

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    False advertising. Website currently shows a 2017 Troy Davinci Carbon Large in stock at $3799. Drove to shop and was told it was in the box. All ready to pay and they say they don't actually have it. Fine, mistakes happen, but they need to give me the next best thing at that price. Nope. Will never shop here again. Do not believe website.

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    I've work with the public for over 35 years and some people you just can't make happy! But these guys delivered in spades ! I ordered a SRAM out of box crank set but was told the rings had been removed so Leon up graded me to a crank set with the bb worth almost 3x the crank I ordered . Thx customer service thx again Leon and Dunbar cycle and I'm enjoying my 2013 M9 !👌😀

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    Tommy L

    Great Owner, Amazing Staff, Wonder Bike Shop!

    What else can you ask for? FREE? LOL they do however have very competitive prices and will always work hard to get you the best deal in town.

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    Very Dissapointing Experience, Won't Go Back

    Went in for a twenty dollar tune-up, walked out having spent one-hundred dollars. Was told I would get my bike on Monday and when I went in on Wednesday they had forgotten it. My bikes gears still skipped after the tune-up and I had to remind them to put air in the tires which was supposed to be part of the tune-up. When I wrote an email to take issue with my experience I was told I was wrong and that I had misunderstood the date it would be finished. Dunbar Cycles took no responsibility other than offering to have another look at the gears (Which I was told were fine at the time of the mechanics test ride).

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    Réponse du marchand 8 juin 2012

    Our version of this story is dramatically different! This customer bullied staff into believing that he was promised delivery within 2 days, when we were booked up for 2 weeks at the time (we had a promotion on). The bike was dropped off on a saturday and he came in to pick it up on monday claiming that he was promised it be ready. I took the bike in and in no way did we promise delivery of his bike in the time he was expecting. We had not forgotten his bike as he claimed, it was on the schedule for the following day. We guarantee all our work and take great pride in it. This man was abusive to our staff and I wasn't about to bend over backwards for him after that. He is no longer welcome in our store and it looks like this review is his way of getting back at us.

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