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    Jackie Yiyi W

    Mixed feelings ab...

    Mixed feelings about Home Depot. We did a house renovation through Home Depot and while the kitchen designer, Alec, was superb, and most of the staff were knowledgeable and efficient, we had a horrible experience with the quartz and laminate countertops. The subcontracted companies were unprofessional, never returned calls and made many mistakes with our order. Won't be ordering their kitchen services again.

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    Theft prevention is "not quite there,"

    Complaint about Theft-control though I feel the perp' was careful about that. Almost noon today Sunday. After checkout, exit-alarm went off, white girl 25-30 years did about-face from exit when mildly approached by apron personnel (not vigilant guy from the entrance). Eastern European cashier placed her plastic bag again on de-alarm equipment, but the girl explained it happens often--something to do with her leopard print shoulder sack--so cashier and Asian apron-patrol fellow smiled and backed away. She set of alarm again in leaving and we all ignored this. In parkade she went first in one direction and stood by regular cars, briefly seemed to seek "Where'd I park?" and then came back to vehicle beside our car with back window smashed and masking tape and garbage bag over. Got in and referred to her phone. I bet she was saying, "Honey, I got the things you wanted ..." It was the Large animal-print shoulder bag that I figure held the loot--where is trained inventory control staff??, would've been EASY for door staff to say, "Well, open that and we'll simply have a look," there was absolutely NO line-up, lots of time, no pressure--rather than just sliding the purchase bag over the de-sensitizing! and IGNORING her pert explanation--if they see her again they will nod understandingly! We pay for HER to rip off the shy cashier and kind and helpful apron-guy, when inventory-control guy is on their lunch. Brrrrrr, makes me so mad--the rest of us are patsies, we PAY REAL MONEY while smarties pay only with a smile!! NO STAFF TRAINING--it is NOT anti-service to check shoulder bag. I wish I had intervened, even if all that took place turned out to be innocent, just to show how easy it is to politely ASK, "Let's see then ...?"

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