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  • Service: 1/5
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Dr. Lam should no...

Dr. Lam should not be practicing medicine, my daughter saw him last year with a fever and extremely sore throat, I knew she would need to be on antibiotics, and he said hardly nothing,I asked him shouldn't she have a swab done just in case, nope she's fine, and walked out of the room, I took her the next day to see her own doctor, he said she definitely had strep throat, took a swab, and she started antibiotics right away, her results for the swab came back and was positive for strep

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Scott Z

My allergy dr tol...

My allergy dr told me to find a pl give priority to allergy shoot because quick& easy & every week.no point of waiting 1hr or mo. So, I called several clinics just to verify which one give priority to patients. I have spoken with staff there twice on the phone to verify that they would give allergy patient priority. However, two visits dr lam said he has never given priority to patients and made me wait long time. This is contradicting to what they told me initially. he yelled back.

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Unprofessional Medical Clinic

This is a very unprofessional clinic. The doctor will arrive an hour late. Clinic opens at 10:00am doctor will arrive at 11:00am. When you call to see if your medical results have come back yet they would put you on hold and forget. I was on hold for 25 minutes and had to call back only to be told why did I not hang up and call back again!!!!

Service: 1/5
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