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5565 West Boulevard, Vancouver BC V6M 3W6
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“You shouldn’t be feeding your pets one entire meal full of everything that they need,” argues Caroline Davies, owner of Simply Natural Raw Pet Food. “We don’t eat that way, so why would we expect our pets to? It just makes more sense biologically to feed more variety to get the required balance of nutrients.” Urging pet owners to move away from all-in-one kibbles to a variety of raw, natural ingredients, Caroline is dedicated to making it as easy as possible for owners to feed their pets the right way.

“Basically what we’re trying to do is get rid of all the things that are in filler kibbles that don’t provide high biologic value,” says Caroline. “We’re trying to break it down to simple ingredients.” Focusing on meat, bone, organ content and vegetables, Simply Natural Raw Pet Food aims to reduce or eliminate the amount of grains consumed by naturally carnivorous cats and dogs, thereby providing them with a healthier diet more in line with the way their bodies have evolved.

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