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"Don't get a bird because you want to hear them talk," pleads Bryan McPherson, co-owner of West Coast Tropical Bird Studio. "Not all species of birds talk. But when they do, you will be amused. Birds make great additions to any family.”

Bryan is quick to point out that West Coast Tropical Bird Studio does not sell birds. "We sell organic bird food, bird-safe toys and cages," he explains.

Bryan and his team also offer information and education on owning and caring for exotic birds.They regularly advise customers on the do’s and dont’s of caring for birds in the home, ensuring customers and their birds have a safe, happy and healthy life together.

"Stimulation is important," says Bryan. “If you have a bird that stays in the cage all the time, make sure that they have lots to do. Have soft woods for them to chew, ropes and ladders to climb and of course toys to keep them busy. If you have room in your house to allow your bird to fly freely, create a ‘jungle gym" for them. Have ropes, ladders, nets and toys to keep them busy.”

When bored, Bryan says, birds will find things to do like chewing baseboards, crown moldings,drywall and anything that is easy to chew. Typically a bird will pick one person or another bird to be their companion, he says. If a bird owner bonds with it owner, the owner should be aware that the bird will want to hang out with them, sitting on their shoulder or head or just curling up for a cuddle.

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