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    worst food ever

    December 30, 2011 With seven people at the table and only one person enjoying their meal I probably don't need to write more but I will. The first problem was when the kitchen screwed up our tables order and 6 people got their food and one person had to wait for theirs. Everyone was nearly finished their meal when the last person was just getting started. The second problem was the food itself. I had pasta Carbonara and it was what I imagine eating salty lukewarm garbage would be like. I ate the all the garlic bread because all I could stomach was 2 or 3 mouthfuls of the congealed pasta. Two other guests had mango chicken and their chief remark was that it was barely warm. Three guests made the mistake of ordering the pork ribs which all agreed were dry and tough. The one guest who enjoyed his meal had the calamari. Besides the poor food the service left much to be desired. People at the table asked for simple things like butter and never got it. When the plates were cleared it was obvious I hadn't eaten my meal but the server didn't even ask how the meal had been. I guess my uneaten meal spoke for itself but I wouldn't have minded a chance to tell her how truly awful it was. I will never go back again Worst food ever.

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