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  • Service: 2/5
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Carole M

The girl who did ...

The girl who did my pedicure didn't smile, barely talked, just made a comment about my little toe nail growing thick like "old people"... Their flyer says 30 minutes back massage with your pedi but in your dream only, because they even don't ask you if you want one or not. The decoration was made in the 80's and didn't change since and makes you feel in a nursing home. It was supposed to be a mother day gift for my daughter and me... Any random and cheaper Asian salon would had been much better!

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Worst pedicure ever

Quite simply the worst pedicure I've ever received. The skin of my toes are covered in nail polish, there's skin hanging off the sides of the nails and the nails weren't even filed. I have 3 nails which were left jagged and I had to file them myself at home. Basically, I had to give myself a pedicure after the pedicure. Also, I was charged $50 for the deluxe pedicure and didn't even get the massage, cream was rubbed into my feet for 5 seconds, that's it. I wouldn't be complaining as much or at all if they charged me $38 for the regular no frills pedi. I don't complain but i couldn't let this one go. Will not be going back or referring anyone.

Service: 1/5
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Ion Detox Spa

This conveniently located spa in James Bay has an Ion Detox Foot Spa. If you haven't had one before, definitely give it a try.

Service: 3/5
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