Vic's Steakhouse & Bar


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  • Grilladerie,

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  • Cuisine américaine,


  • Steak,

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  • Anglais,
345 Quebec St, Victoria BC V8V 1W4
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  • 26 $ à 60 $,

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Upon entering the restaurant the appearance was...

Upon entering the restaurant the appearance was modern and welcoming, however we were left wondering if we were to seat ourselves or wait to be seated as no sign was there to indicate. A server saw us and we decided to seat ourselves in the bar/lounge area. After being greated we had to wait for menus as our waiter was also the bar tender and was quite busy. about 5 minutes later we got our menus and he took our drink orders. We then had to wait about 15 minutes for our waiter to take our orders, and bring our drinks over, as he forgot them after they were filled. The food took a reasonable amount of time to arrive, however the meals did not live up to the price they were on the menu. I ordered the newyork strip steak well done which when it arrived was more or less medium rare and didnt look like a newyork strip, more like a sirloin. it came with a garlic mashed potato in a potato skin, accompanied by half a small roasted tomato and small slice of roasted eggplant. I had expected a bit more substanial sides as they were small and not filling for the price i was paying. additionally the extremely long wait was irritating, as i shouldnt have to wait such a long time. i understand that if your busy you might take longer, but no acknoledgment of our presence was a bad sign... honesty is preferred, just say your busy or something and might take a bit longer then normal.

Atmosphère: 3/5
Nourriture: 3/5
Service: 2/5
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I stumbled accross Vic's Steakhouse last Friday...

I stumbled accross Vic's Steakhouse last Friday and was more than happy I did. I was staying in the James Bay area for a week and was surprised that I hadn't heard of this gem from more people! We sat in the lounge and were served by a bartender who was charismatic and knowledgable. The service was prompt but not rushed, and we were treated to great music by a live band. I ordered the halibut, as I do not eat meat, and it was done perfectly. Very simple but flavourful at the same time. My companion ordered a steak and said it was one of the best he had experienced in Victoria so far! We shared a home made ice cream sandwich for dessert and at the end I was so full we ended up staying and enjoying the band for another cocktail. I would reccommend this restaurant to tourists and locals alike and will definitely return!

Atmosphère: 5/5
Nourriture: 5/5
Service: 5/5
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I ordered the atichoke Hearts Salad, which I...

I ordered the atichoke Hearts Salad, which I fully expected to be good, but nothing original. I was wrong. Paired with a glass of red wine, seated near the fire, I was surprised when the server came to my table with a beautifully plated salad. The hearts were kept mostly whole and only drizzled with roasted garlic dressing (small pools for dripping on each corner of the plate). It was topped with heatlhy shavings of havarti, two thinly sliced pieces of toasted bread - well seasoned, and one strip of crispy ham. I must confess that making little sandwiches out of the proscuitto, crouton, salad and cheese was an enjoyable experience, and was simply delicious. Nothing was over-done. The only complaint I have is that I ran out of proscuitto! In addition, the waiter brought over 2 pieces of fresh whole-grain bread with a selection of butters and what I believe was a mild pate - a sprig of sage finished up the serving and it too was very taste, and well prepared. The waitress was incredibly busy with a large table of business travellers but still did an excellent job of ensuring her small party of 2 (us!) was well serviced. I think this is a new restaurant, and although off the lobby of a hotel, provides an excellent eating experience. We will be back

Atmosphère: 5/5
Nourriture: 3/5
Service: 4/5
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