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    Amazing Groomers

    Have been a customer for 20 years very talented groomer who is passionate about his grooming the care of Dogs and his costumers .

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    Unjust review

    The last review I left above was written unjustly and since then the business owner has made amends for a series of misunderstandings. My dog has never been groomed and he had his first groom with this groomer. He was matted and has sensitive skin so the groomer had to use the electric razor to remove his matts. Unfortunately his sensitive skin reacted with this process and loving my dog as much as I do I was terribly upset thinking that the groomer had hurt him. I now know that this business is established and well loved in the community. The owner was very upset that my dog had reacted to his first groom like this and has bent over backwards to make sure that both my dog and I were looked after. Yellowpages.ca have been asked to remove this unjust review and whilst this process is taking place I would like you to know that this groomer is reputed to be one of the best in Vancouver (which is why I took my dog there in the first place) and he is passionate about his talents. My dog's situation was unique and this groomer has literally thousands of happy customers over a 20 year period. So, please ignore the unjust review until it is removed and I have no hesitation in recommending this groomer to anyone who needs their dog to be groomed by the best.

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    Superior Quality

    My dogs are treated with the highest resect , the love to go to the" Spa"

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